Judging & Awards



Each year, Taste of the Town gives restaurants the opportunity to compete
for bragging rights in a number of categories. The most prestigious awards
go to those restaurants whose desserts and entrees are judged to be the best
by a jury of culinary experts. The experts taste the offerings in a blind tasting and will rate the items based on a number of criteria, including
taste, presentation and creativity. The entree and dessert with the highest
composite score are named Best Judged Entree and Best Judged Dessert,
awards that are proudly displayed in the winning restaurant for years to
come. Awards are given to the 2nd and 3rd place judged entree and dessert

Additional awards are given for People’s Choice Dessert and Entree and Kid’s
Choice Dessert and Entree. A number of volunteers canvass the crowd and get
their favorite foods and then tabulate the results to announce the big
winners at the end of the competition. If you see someone with a clipboard,
make sure you tell them what you liked best!

The final category for judging is the contest for Best Booth Decor. A panel
of judges observe all of the booths, and look for labor involved in the
decor, the best and most creative use of a theme, and the best use of space.
Many restaurants go all out to make their space memorable and fun and this
adds to the excitement of the event. Single booths and large booths are
judged separately, and awards are given to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners.

Awards are announced early in the evening, and the public eagerly awaits the
announcement of the winners so that they can be among the first to get in
line to purchase those items before they run out!